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i'm a rastajew

2010-03-02 14:25:29 by tyraelz

yep that's true.
i'm a were-rastajew,every month when the moon is full my hair grows of 50 cm and my head takes the shape of a jewish hat.

Yeah. I love watching some grey guys killing eachother.

Oh yeah italian time!
let's repeat! io odio l' Italia ! L' italia fa Schifo! Vorrei vivere in america senza avere il nano pelato tra i piedi! Vorrei ceh il capo del nostro stato fosse obama ma voi fortunelli cel' avete! Inoltre fallout 3 con tutti gli add- on non si riesce ancora ad avere merda! e io lo adoro!
(I hate Italy!Italy sucks!i'd love to live in america without that dwarf president we have! I want Obama here but you have him in America!And fallout 3 game of the year edition isn't in shops yet and it sucks! and I love it!)
Nice there! Now stay tuned for some other italian crap!
Bye dudes
Hail Moonsorrow.

Maddess is awsome. Italian Time![Omg]

i really don't know !


2008-10-20 12:31:15 by tyraelz

fuck fukkity fuck fuck fuck : |
south park

and elio e le storie tese, sure, and caparezza, why not?
THIS, IS ELIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND THIS IS CAPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

check this out , n****r!

and maybe with this you will fine true happiness

true happiness!

yep, that's me, idiots



2008-10-18 11:19:11 by tyraelz

i'm soo boredddddd and noone replies to my posts... boredom boredom boredom...BORED!


omg randommmmm

2008-10-16 08:36:49 by tyraelz

course you, Richler!( no , jk i love ya man : )

ya like .... ELIO E LE STORIE TESE???

omg randommmmm


2008-10-02 09:46:07 by tyraelz

i like random pictures of caparezza, my italian rap muse


yay !

2008-10-02 08:32:04 by tyraelz

my song got to 4. 10! thanks newgrounds! you rock! . also here's a random picture

yay !

yay I submitted my first song !

2008-09-29 09:30:11 by tyraelz

i finally submitted my italian guild wars rap , listen it!
my song !
ok it might not be the best song ever created but i liked it and i hope you vote fairly =)
... plus there is a photo of my pg
( I stopped playing guild wars 2 months ago )

yay  I submitted my first song !